Illitrack is a location-aware mobile app, it allows a mobile phone user to share his/her current location with others, it allows :

  • Effective parental control
  • Realtime monitoring friends' location
  • History of travelled routes
  • Find your lost or stolen devices

You can also access your account at any time from any computer on the website

Family and serenity

The daily movements of your family, delay of your spouse, your childs' absence from school, someone who does not answer the phone, all reasons for anxiety.

Watch over your family and feel safe with illitrack, an easy and efficient solution.

Illitrack allows you to view on a map where each member of your family is and gives peace of mind and a feeling of constant protection.

Far from secretly monitor your friends, this is a solution for peace of mind. Each user is informed of the application setup and can revoke tracking at any time.

Automatic alerts

Receive instantly an alert or a notification by sms when someone enters, stops or leaves a predefined location.

Be informed immediately if your child is out of school, or if your spouse leaves work.

Keep in touch constantly and react quickly to any problem.


With the player on the map, trace the route where you have traveled to get distance, time taken and more information.

Get an overview of the places frequented by your family and see their movements and where they travelled.


Your geographic data is confidential and is provided only to authorized users.

You can block a user and then deny access to your gps positions at any time.

Gps data is stored for three months, after which time it will be deleted.